A Simple Way to Add
Grants as a Service

Create new revenue opportunities for your business

Get access to thousands of UK Business Grants and end-to-end Grant Services for your clients

Add Grants to your website
Growth Driver

Grants drive business growth so you can easily unlock new client revenue opportunities

Sell your Services
Grants Matcher

Help clients easily find Grants and request Grant Services

Grant Services

End-to-end Grant Services to fully support your clients’ Grant funded project

Lead Network
Grants API

Get direct access to the UK Grants database to create your own Grants solution

Grants Plug-in

Plug the Grants Matcher into your website to create a seamless client experience

Customisable Solution

Customise the Grants Matcher and Services to fully match your business needs

Attract new clients to grow your bottom line

Save Time and Resources

Enable clients to easily find their own Grants or request a custom Grants Report to save time.

New Lead and Revenue Opportunities

Provide an end-to-end Grant Service to add more value to your existing clients and to attract new clients.

Get Started

Configure the Grants Plug-in and Services to meet your business needs

Introducing Xsortal’s Grants as a Service Plug-in

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A simple way to add Grants as a Service to your Accountancy Practice

Many accountancy practices want to grow their fee income with new Grant Services but face manpower and resource barriers - Xsortal helps you overcome these barriers.

Solving grant application and funding problems for your business

See how you can easily solve grant application and funding problems for your business.

How to find the Right Grant to Grow Your Business

Watch how a manufacturing business uses the Grants Matcher to find the right grants to fund their business growth.

How to Grow your Business with Grants

For businesses that are new to grants, see what grants will provide funding for and how you can quickly use them to grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Grants as a Service? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed here, then please contact us.

Grants as a Service is designed for business professionals who are looking for ways to easily to add value to their existing clients and attract new prospects using grants to generate more fee opportunities.

It’s as simple as setting up and plugging Grants as a Service into your website so your clients and prospects can easily find relevant grants and funding schemes themselves and request added value grant services directly from you.

Yes, the Grants as a Service plugin is designed to work seamlessly on any website.

Choose your pricing plan and set up your Grants Plug-in and Services to get started.

Installation is quick and simple and only requires a few lines of code to install the Grants as a Service plug-in onto your website. Full details and step by step instructions are available during the setup process.

If you have any questions about Grants as a Service please get in touch using this form.

Your subscription starts immediately after your order is complete. After ordering, simply follow the instructions to configure your Grants Plug-in and to add it to your website.

Yes, new features and improvements are included in your subscription. New grants and funding schemes are constantly added to the database and are also included in your subscription.

The Grants Plug-in is ready to use on your website immediately after you finish the configuration process and add it to your website. If you have chosen to add custom grant services they will appear within two working days.

If you have any further questions about your subscription or support requests please use the contact form.

Are you looking for Business Grants?

If you’re looking for Grants to grow your own business then click here to go to Xsortal’s Grants Plug-in.

Or to get your own Custom Grants Report and 12 month update package of new grants and funding opportunities for only £100 click here.